28-Day Challenge

June Enrolment FULL

Next Challenge Date: TBD

The 28-Day Challenge is a head to head competition with others to see who can commit to their habits the longest and in the end could win the entire registration pot. June is worth $500!

Nutrition Challenge

Next Challenge Date: TBD

Our Nutrition Challenge is a 14-Day Journey through nutritional exploration. In this challenge, you will learn what fuels you and what works for you but might not work for someone else. The challenge is a guided coaching and accountability based style.

Mindfulness Challenge

Next Challenge Date: TBD

The Mindfulness Challenges consists of 3 components: Intention, Attention and Attitude. In this 21-Day Challenge, you will be guided through each category through a variety of exploratory practices designed to help you connect deeper with who you are. The challenge is accountability based.