Where Are You Hurting?

No matter where your pain, there's one or more pain relief videos to support you and help you move with freedom and without pain.

Do you spend hours on the computer causing a sore neck?

We got you.

Do you sit a lot during the day and your lower back and hips are in pain?

No worries, we got you.

Maybe your jaw is tight?

Hey, we got you covered there as well! KABOOM.





 The daily emotional pressures and physical strain I was placing on myself was felt as pain in my upper back; leaving me feeling 'stuck', and with a loss of confidence.

Practicing daily gentle mindful movements and introspection I am able to maintain pain free throughout my back, body and mind. 

Julie Rochon says...

After a long days work and my evening workout, spending less than 10 minutes on active recovery with the pain relief program is a blessing in disguise. This program is an easy 10/10 for me.

Tammy McMeekin says...

I have been enjoying the program pretty much daily on my shoulders and feet. I also include the balls into my yoga practice. The videos are easy to follow. I always feel REALLY good after each video as well. If you are in pain, you'll love this program.

Tanya Rochon says...


Your Pain-Free Program

  Welcome to Your Pain Relief Program
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  Upper Body
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  Lower Body
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What To Expect

Each video will help you target a specific sore area on your body and using the Yoga Tune-up Balls, Roxanne will guide you towards relieving pain and feeling better. In the moment, there may be discomfort but afterwards you will be feeling more free.

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